Voice Builder v Teacher
Offering Artists, Professionals
And Students

Revolutionary exercises for developing diaphragmatic support.

Repair of damaged vocal cords.

The ability to place the sound in the resonators of the mask and head for greater vocal timbre and power.

Techniques for opening the throat and allowing the larynx to remain in a relaxed position, especially for the extremities of the voice.

Posture techniques using the Alexander and Feldenkrais methods which produce miraculous results.

The overall ability to use the minimum amount of effort to produce the maximum amount of vocal results.

Sessions which are designed specifically for your individual needs.



Our voice is the innate instrument that nature has bestowed upon us; though for the average person, the miraculous art of singing has been largely lost over the millennia. Through the use of practical exercises, you will become skilled in all of the main techniques involved in creating beautiful vocal sound. 


Together, our in-depth exploration of vocal technique will take us through the many aspects of producing sustained quality sound, including breath management, the use of the mouth, diaphragm, larynx, and other supporting muscle groups, the laws of posture, performance techniques, and others. 


I draw out of each singer his own particular timbre and his/her own vocal beauty. 


I work on interpretation of all repertoire styles.   


I teach language diction in French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish and English. 


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 "Hello", "Здравствуйте", "Ciao"

I am Marla Volovna (Russian American), voice teacher/builder, operatic mezzo-soprano and director of opera and musical theatre. 

It is my pleasure to introduce you to the Volovna Vocal Studio method of developing voices, which can be applied to any style of singing, whether you are a rocker or a classical musician. 

In my early years, I studied opera technique in Italy with the greatest Italian teachers, the remnants of the Bel Canto technique of singing.  They include Campo Gagliani, Luigi Ricci, Sarah Corti, Valdamiro Badiali and Maestro Tonini. 

Due to poor training in the best conservatories in America and Europe, my voice became damaged.  I had the luck to discover and study with the great Heldentenor, Claude Heater, who taught me how to use my diaphragm and that changed my life.   

Using the Italian techniques combined with the diaphragmatic techniques of Claude Heater, allowed me to correct my vocal defects and become an excellent voice technician.   I had this incredible passion and love of singing which forced me to continue searching until I finally found gold.   

Only he who experiences the near ruination of his voice AND GAINS IT BACK has the potential to become a great teacher, and as some say "a wounded healer.