"I feel that the success of my vocal studio is the fruit of my own life-long quest for a superior vocal technique, which makes it possible
and produce first class singers."

My desire to create art at a high level has inspired me to a lifetime of exhaustive musical research. It has also very much guided my experience as an opera singer and opera director. Together, my research and experience have shaped a distinct teaching  philosophy that I have developed in over twenty years of successful teaching.  

Singing is an art form and as all art forms it requires consistent effort over time. The question is how much time. Is it going to take ten years or more to learn how to sing?  I have always been skeptical of short cuts but I have verified over and over that this technique truly cuts the time that it takes to master the voice not in half but in quarters.  

How is it done?    I offer a full spectrum of vocal training.  

First I focus first on mastery of the diaphragmatic breathing techniques called “support”, the most important key to beautiful free singing using revolutionary exercises.  Along side of this I work on high forward placement of the middle range, which is the base of the voice and finally we build out to the extremities of the voice using a relaxed laryngeal position.  

You will increase your range, vocal stamina, and resonance, learn how to project the voice (become a HUMAN MEGAPHONE) and develop control of dynamics. 

You will learn how to even out the “registers” of the voice. 

You will learn techniques of performance and interpretation.  

My teaching focuses on each singer’s specific challenges starting from complete vocal rehabilitation of damaged voices from injured vocal cords to correction of a bleat, wobble, straight tone etc. 

Through patient repetition and positive reinforcement, I initiate a process of discovery in students. I transmit my love and passion for the art form to my students. Because each student’s psychological makeup, vocal ability, and physical coordination are so different, I work with each student based on specific needs.  

I work with all levels from beginner, intermediate, advanced to professional singers of classical as well as non-classical genres and draw out of each singer his own particular timbre and his/her own unique vocal beauty. 

I also work on interpretation of all repertoire styles and teach language diction in French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish and English.  

We will develop a tailor-made répértoire based on your interests and goals and your unique instrument 

Goals:    To open the body and free it of tensions that restrict breath 

To have a breath system that constantly supports the sound allowing for length of phrase, ease in producing the full range of the voice and which allows for dynamic changes 

To allow the singer to concentrate on putting the meaning of the word into sound which is what singing is all about.                                    

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