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The following are examples from students representing a wide variety of vocal styles.  Also, Ms. Volovna has outstanding results with non-classical singers.  Below are examples of some of her student testimonials from different styles; opera, musical theater, blues, jazz, folk, gospel and rock: 

Janelle Laurenti: opera

Janelle st
udied with me at CSU, Sacramento 1996-2002.  She won
 1st  prize for the entire western region in the Metropolitan Opera Competition, 1999( she won $10,000.00 competing on the Metropolitan Opera Stage).   

"I have many tapes of how my voice sounded before I came to Marla Volovna.  I have a completely different voice now….  Without Marla’s guidance I would not be where I am today." --Janelle

Lauren Jane Sanders: professional rock singer

Lauren's damaged vocal cords were fixed in six sessions.  She studied with me in Shanghai, China in 2006 after vocal cord surgery.

“It is your technique that has given me the ability to start doing what I love again....and doing it well!  My voice is getting better and better.  

I had the opportunity to work with Marla during my recovery from two vocal cord surgeries.  We only had a limited time of 6 weeks to work together, and the knowledge she taught me in that time was invaluable. 

Around the time of our first lesson, I was overcome with vocal frustrations as I hadn't been able to sing for two years and the sound wasn't coming out like it used to.  Her truly unbelievable technique proved to me that I still had an amazing voice inside.  Marla is extremely knowledgeable about anything and everything pertaining to the voice.  I was surprised and amazed when I found out she knew how to work with someone recovering from surgery.  She even helped me correct my speaking voice. 

Prior to my surgeries, I'd studied voice for over 10 years and worked with numerous teachers.  Marla gave me knowledge and techniques that no one else came close to giving me. 

For the first time in my life I'm actually singing correctly and treating my voice with proper care.  Currently my career is blossoming, and through regular practice of Marla's technique my voice continues to grow stronger day by day.  


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