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Lauren Jane Sanders: professional rock singer (continued)

I started doing some open mics in Shanghai and soon after an English television program called City Beat did a feature on my music in Shanghai which was broadcast on CCTV. 

More recently I participated in a vocalist competition at one of the most reputable live music venues in Shanghai, Park 97, and I won the first round! I go to the final round in May and the prize is a paid gig(s) at the venue.  How exciting! The competition at Park 97 gave me fantastic exposure, and I've had many job offers in the past 2 weeks. And also in May I will be touring around China with Endorphin (he is hugely famous in Australia - he does electronica music - he's toured with Massive Attack, Portishead.  Oh, and I'm making a TON of money.  OH MY GOD I'm so excited!

It's all happening so fast I haven't had a chance to catch my breath.  After years of voice struggle and moments of thinking it may never work out, I am finally getting there.  Whooopieeee!" -- Lauren

Brenda Fehmers: jazz/pop

Brenda studied with me in Shanghai, China in 2006 for eight sessions. 

"I started voice lessons with Marla in Shanghai to practice my singing techniques.  Her approach on how to sing and how to control the voice was a big eye opener for me.  We worked together for about six to eight lessons only and in that very short time her very good technique opened up my voice and gave me confidence.  Marla also made me believe that I am actually a good singer and if I want to do something with it, I must work on my voice, technique and style now! And that is what I’m doing at this moment.   Marla helped me a great deal and now I am “stepping into the world of singers". --Brenda 

Coral Romero, classical voice

She has just received a scholarship to study voice at CSU, Chico. 

"I had the tendency to keep the breath high in the chest.  With Marla’s technique I know what it means to use the whole body.  I understand how to use the muscles of breathing and that has changed my voice and made it bigger.  It allows me to sing and go as high as I need to.  She has also shown me how to bring all my focus and being to the act of singing- to be a professional singer." -- Coral 

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