Beautiful, Important Song:
"Hawaii 78" by Israel Kamakawiwo´ole





Listen to George Frideric Handel
roll over in his grave!
Daniel Eshoo Chorus (898K, 32kbps MP3)

Way back in March of 2006, many individuals gathered to celebrate the birthday of a musician and friend named Daniel Eshoo. This birthday bash become an annual event for a few years, taking place after the annual Rakkasah International Belly Dance and Music Festival. Under the direction of  "Sherifa", we gathered at the Bosphorus Restaurant in Berkeley the night of March 19, 2006 and we surprised Dan, a Turkish kanun and oud player, with this rendition of Handel's Hallelujah Chorus from the Messiah. Bass-Kevin Brooks, Tenor-Fred Wright, Alto-Natalie Hicks, Soprano's for the day -Sherifa and Maureen Garrett.

My music studies include Middle Eastern, Native American and choral. Currently I am in an all girl band called "The Sazzy Girls" with Natalie Hicks, Donna Lapre and Valerie Fontenot. Our specialty is Turkish & Balkan music played on the saz.  Valerie is our drummer and "rickky girl".  In 2005 I was honored to play with Moh Alileche at Askhenaz.

Also, I am a forth year member of the Mayflower Community Chorus.

The Mayflower Chorus went to Prague in the Czech Republic November 13-20, 2006 to sing in an Advent Festival! In April of 2009, we are heading to Portugal.

Favorite bands/music include Muse, Ministry, Revco, VNV Nation, Prince, Dead Can Dance, Gothic/Industrial Streaming Radio--Dead Music for a Dead World, Kitka, electronica, especially trance & ambient, the Sacred, Shamanic music of the world & always beloved Classical & the music of Jupiter.....


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