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Mau's Art [grin] began at the age of four, when she sketched swirls and patterns on an entire bedroom wall using an oversized purple crayon. 

While she never had any formal training in the arts (art school), she was blessed through out school to have been given endless 'art projects' that made most of the other kids in class groan and loudly at that! 

In high school, both her junior and senior years were packed with 3.5 continuous art class hours a day!  College followed with s duel major in Art and Astronomy. 

On March 3, 1978, Maureen found her way to the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society, LASFS where she became an active member and for a while, a fan artist. Maureen was hired by Lucasfilm (at the time, it was the Star Wars Corporation), was moved to Marin County in 1981, where for seven incredible years, she poured her artistic talents into the job, including designing and producing club merchandise, convention movie prop exhibits, and the newsletter Bantha Tracks.  Her first real recycle art project was the creation of a costume she wore as an extra in the movie Howard the Duck.

In 1986, she also became a self taught paper marbler and experimental artist. It was later as a result of her love of Middle Eastern Music and Dance that she researched and taught  herself Turkish Ebru.  

Maureen was just beginning to come into her own as an Oriental Dancer in 2003 when an accident took that away from her.   Other doors opened.  She dreams about a method of belly dancing for people with severe injuries. 

Attending Burning Man in 1994 further sparked her artistic life and she has been to 11 Burns since then.  Currently Maureen is working on building a second Picture Frame of Dorian Gray.   This time the materials came from the David Best and Temple Crew Hayes Green Temple after tear down as well as other ornate, used wood that she is collecting from numerous sources.  The recycled-recycled ornate wood by Best and the Temple Crew from the Hayes Green Temple, required major salvaging efforts -- nail removal, hi-pressure washing, bleaching and sanding before painting.

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