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   Around the age of six, I began dreaming about 'aliens'. One dream in particular I remember from kindergarten. In the dream I was breathing under water, and it was pitch black (excellent movie BTW). I distinctly remember being unafraid as I was approached by a luminescent creature that looked somewhat like the alien I sculpted 36 years later.

For many years when remembering the dream, I have described the alien as being wrapped in rows of "extremely bright and colorful soft fluorescent tubing". It was only after seeing electroluminescent wire at Burning Man 1999 on the amazing school of Coi fish (mounted on bicycles), when I found a better way to describe the alien. "The 'being' from my dream was wrapped in 'EL' wire!"

Also, in the dream, I distinctly saw what could only be described as deep ocean bioluminescence fish. It has been suggested that this childhood dream took place years before such creatures were 'actually' photographed by deep sea vehicles.

In addition to dreaming about aliens, ever since childhood, I have always felt like a "Stranger in a Strange Land" thus (AKA) MsAlien was born.

~ ~ Maureen "Mau" Garrett ~ ~




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