Materials: Gum Tragacanth, carrageenan, ox gall, pigments, horsehair brushes, corn whisks, rosewood stylus, archival paper preferred, eye droppers, tank, combs.

What is Marbling? Marbling might be described as an art form, which allows one to capture 'a fingerprint of chaos'-- the chaos of fluid mixing, which is found throughout the Universe.

What is Turkish Ebrū? It is a specific kind of paper marbling. Paper marbling itself originated in Japan when it was still a part of China. It is an ancient art form and evolved considerably as it traveled the Silk Road to Turkey.

In its purest sense, marbling is the art of floating pigments or dyes on thickened water and manipulating them into patterns, which can mimic nature, such as stone marble, or flowers. The patterns are then transferred to paper.

The entire process is dependent on the chemical balance between the size, the dyes, the ox gall, the purity of the water, the ambient temperatures of everything involved in the process, even the mood of the Ebrū tray and the artist.

Most scholars agree that Turkish Marbling is an art form, which emerged from Central Asia and made its way through the Silk Road to Iran, then to Anatolia. 'Ebrū, is the modern Turkish word for marbling.

Turkish Ebrū has a deeply moving and quietly soothing quality about it ---------- an "art form for the beauty of the soul".

Maureen is a self taught marbler, working with this medium since 1986.  Links to marbled paintings and aqueous mono-prints..under construction.

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