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Under Construction
apparently until HELL freezes over.  This site has been under attack by the Imperial Guard for many years.  But we are slowly winning the battle against the insurmountable task at hand.  This daunting task, is far more time consuming that I ever imagined.  I sincerely hope to someday finish this project and post a tribute to the seven fun years I had working at LFL.

Metaphors be with you!

While you are waiting ;) there is endless STAR WARS fan art to enjoy. Google results, about 19 million! Some of it is astonishing in its detail and design and others, amazing in its simplicity.  For example, see:

Should work as long as the browser is configured to handle Telnet links properly, which almost always involves launching a separate program.
Otherwise, it's a matter of using a Telnet client to connect to the
above host, but the details are
platform-specific. --Fred Wright





Cat Lover Section

"Furry Wake Up Call"

Beloved cat "Tigre".

Tigre, beloved cat

"Please don't go away!"

Pretty cute.  She seems to have an infinite number of vocalizations......



Virtual Yard Sale


I invite you to browse the virtual yard sale for mega quality items at giveaway prices. Open to trade/barter
possibilities too!

Belly Dance
Yard Sale -- Images



Shopping plus Apocalypse. The most ordinary everyday thing, shopping, coupled with the nightmarish and grandly imagined End of the World. In the Stop Shopping School of Divinity we believe that the most ordinary and most incredible are directly connected. In fact, they cause each other, in this sense: The consumer economy as we practice it now will definitely kill us all. And - we shop too much because we're afraid of death."




Favorite Web Sites


astronomy picture
of the day

free will astrology




Gaelic Blessing


"When you do something, you should burn yourself up completely, like a good bonfire, leaving no trace
of yourself."
--shunryu suzuki


Mayflower Community Chorus Harmony Tea

(As somewhat of a tea connoisseur, I can say that this is one of the finest teas I have ever tasted.  Enjoy!)







self portrait

Portfolio & References Available Upon Request





Pulmonary Embolism coming soon
other important
medical news

Knowledge is power.

Things even your doctor probably doesn't know.

I hope by sharing what happened to me in 2003, will help prevent this from happening to others.
Cartoon by Lela Dowling

Cartoon by
Lela Dowling

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Under Construction. Available today---
Site Plan Flowchart as of 7/11/06

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astronomical images
on this site
are from the Hubble Telescope. 


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NGC488 in Pisces
90 Million Light Years Distant



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